2013 Kulta Series ‘Totto’ Syrah

Our new super premium offering to the Man O’ War portfolio, The Kulta series of wines are only made during the best vintages from our finest preforming vineyards across the estate. Rated as Waiheke Islands best vintage to date, 2013 is where ‘Totto’ Syrah will start her Journey.

Produced in Minute quantities totaling only 150 cases, ‘Totto is the pinnacle of our Syrah portfolio. Having been made from lovingly hand harvested fruit picked only off the steepest north facing vineyard blocks, given the perfect weather conditions this wine is a true representation of what Waiheke island can offer.

Totto Syrah has been patiently aging over 24 months in a blend of new & old oak before spending 4 years bottle aging in our cellars in anticipation for its 2019 release.

This is truly a beautiful wine to be cherished now or over the following decade.

Mocha, cedar and black olive notes accent dark, pummy fruit in the full bodied wine that boasts creamy, supple mid-palate and a long but still-chewy finish