2021 + 2022 Viognier 2-Pack
Waiheke Island

2021 + 2022 Viognier 2-Pack

Back-to-back vintages of these very limited production, single vineyard wines.

Distinctively Man O' War.


Underneath the groovy funk is some very classical Viognier aromatics of fresh apricot and nuts, green apple and a floral note. The palate is very fresh, it almost has a leanness to the fruit concentration with a drawn-out finish from the fruit tannin, however the weight is fleshed out with the use of oak and time on lees.

A very limited 100 case production of a pretty cool wine…


Heady aromas of very ripe stone fruit with a delicious dessert character perhaps peach melba or a crème brulee with a leaf of fresh mint. This translates directly onto the palate with characters of custard tart and stewed stone fruit with also a sweet, charred timber character which lingers pleasantly. The 2022 Estate Viognier is a decadent wine that could be served well chilled as an aperitif or as a nice accompaniment to a Tahitian ceviche or equally served with a range of cheeses to round out an evening, a distinctive Man O’ War wine.